5 Last minute make up tips and tricks

5 Last minute make up tips and tricks

Even when in hurry, you want to look your best. Here we presentsome of the simple, but effective last minute beauty tips.

Haircut with a hat

Quickest way to have a haircut is by using a hat. Using a cook’s hat is preferable. It gives a simple, but effective changeover. Choose one that has a straight border. Brush your hair down in the front. Wear a hat and position its border at preferred height. Drop in a container to catch the falling hair. Use a chop scissors to cut hair along the edge of hat. Ta-da, your hair cut is done. It may not be perfect but it’s a quick time fix. You no longer have hair blocking your vision.

Foundation with moisturizer

Putting in some makeup is important. The basic to face is foundation. What to do when the foundation is too thick for you? The shade is going to be just too dark. A great way to fix it is by lightening it up. A day moisturizer helps you with that. Put a good quantity of day moisturizer in a bowl. Add a small quantity of foundation and mix it up. Mix it in the right quantity that gets you the perfect shade. Keep mixing till there is no lump. Apply it on the face and stretch it to the middle of the neck. It helps avoiding the undesirable mask-like effect.

Mascara with contact lens fluid

Let’s get to eye lashes. It has to attract attention. But things get tricky when your mascara is dried out. There is actually a fix for that. All it takes is contact lens fluid to bring it back to life. Pour in a few drops into mascara tube. Close the cap and give it a nice shake. Wait for it to mix well. You just extended the life of the mascara by few more days. Apply it on your eye lashes. Use a zigzag motion from root to tip. It helps avoid any formation of lumps.

Replace lipsticks with eye-shadow palette

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have lip sticks or tubes. There’s an effective emergency fix. It comes in the form of eye shadow palette. It comes with a lot of colors, thereby presenting a range of shades. Create your tinted lip balm. Choose the color you’d like on your lips. Choose something closer to red. Scrap it to get some powder and add olive oil to it. Mix well to get a creamy balm.

Make your hair glitter

Adding a twinkle twist to your hair is as easy as 1-2-3. It looks amazing for a casual evening or a simple photo shoot. You need hair gel and glitter to do this. Pour hair gel into a bowl. Add some ultra-thin glitter to the mix. Choose a color of your choice. Tie back your hair and smoothen it out on top of your head. You can apply the mix using a brush or directly with fingers. Nevertheless, consider wearing gloves while applying directly with fingers.